Best Android head unit for BWM e90/e91


Over 15 years passed since BMW introduced BMW e90 sedan and BMW e91 wagon. The original CIC multimedia is a bit old.

How to upgrade BMW e90 CIC to Android head unit

It’s very simple. There are special kits to make this upgrade very simple.

There are several options.

If you have CIC head unit in your BMW e90/e91

If you panel looks like this:

bmw cic panel

In this case you need this: BWM Android head unit kit for CIC.

It looks like this:

bmw android e90 e91 cic head unit




If you don’t have CIC multimedia in your BMW e90/e91

This means your panel is like this:

bmw e90 interior no cic

Than you need to have BMW Android no CIC head unit.

You wonder how it will be installed?

Easy – a special hole is cut in the panel:

how to install android in your bmw e90 e91

(all instructions are included in the kit)

As to my opinion – this looks much better as it is similar to newer F30 BMW series.

What about vehicle data, parking sensors, camera Bluetooth?

These kits support:

  • bluetooth
  • rear camera
  • parking sensors
  • and there is special section for vehicle data

All original car computer wires are connected this head unit.


It is very easy to upgrade your old car to newer BMW Android multimedia.

Best solution is that kit.