Affordable BMW F30 Android multimedia screen

After reading your comments, listening to your advice, talking to real users of Android monitors. I decided to do it!
Called, made an appointment and the next day I took my car to the service.

What was installed:
An extra Android head. That is, the old one can work the same way, but on a larger display.
It connected two USB outputs (brought into the glove compartment) and a slot for an SD card.

In the complex is a 3G USB modem and wi-fi module. Ie the machine can give out wi-fi or connect to other devices. Already ordered a sim card to the machine gave wi-fi to all passengers =).
The device has 2 video inputs and outputs – you can connect two additional display (broadcasting video to passengers on the back seat) and 2 cameras (one I plan to connect exactly)

Yes, it’s android, but customized for BMW. The logic of the menu is the same as in BMW. I.e. there is no usual android desktop as on a cell phone.

The menu is customizable, i.e. on the button “Internet” and “Navigation” You can pin any application. I installed Google.Chrome and Yandex. Navigator.

My car had no Bluetooth and handsfree – now I have it. Quality of one and the other is the same as in Mazda CX5, I’ll give it a 4 minus. You should not expect from the microphone installed in the monitor super clear and noise reduction. It can be amplified, but then it will catch road noise, which is also not the best option for the subscriber. Bluetooth works well. Contacts, music is picked up by the system. The call answering button on the steering wheel works.
To describe all the software that can be put on Android – no point, I will note that I liked. The ability to install any media players for all formats. The picture quality is excellent. A huge plus is the application for listening to music from VK. You can immediately download your favorite track on an SD card or flash drive. In the presence of OBDII connector you can get information about the car.

The sound quality is like with AUX 1:1. Really, if you are a fan of good music, this device will not improve it, it remains the same as it is. I have something to compare it to. Audi sounds better, Mazda sounds worse.
To summarize. I want to share my overall impression: Convenient, practical, a huge field for expanding the functionality of the car for reasonable money. Nothing glitches or hangs up. Using the touch screen is comfortable, even on the move, despite the low seating position in the BMW and my standard arm length. Although much easier with a standard iDrive joystick, by the way I want a joystick from NBT there is a button NAVI and the ability to move the joystick up, in mine is not. Moving through the menu will be faster.
The guys who have installed my car are professional and maximally client oriented. All the car before disassembly glued and put all sorts of protective gizmos to not scratch, crumple, and stain. While I was installing the monitor in the service was a new Maybach, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes GLK, all for the installation of some super advanced electronics and music.

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NINETOM Wireless Carplay Retrofit Kit Decoder for BMW CIC System 1 3 5 6 7 Series X1 X3 X5 X6 Z4 2008-2012 Year, Support Android Auto, Mirror Link, Backup Camera, GPS, Siri, YouTube

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